FRA Contractor Assurance System (CAS)


The FRA CAS is governed by Section H.13 of the FNAL prime contract, executed by the FRA Board of Directors and implemented throughout the FNAL organization. This system provides reasonable assurance that the objectives of the contractor management systems below are being accomplished in accordance with the requirements of the contract.

The Fermilab Assurance Council (AC) is a key element of the CAS. The members of the AC are Management System owners and/or major process owners. A major function of the AC is to identify and track issues that arise though an awareness of changes in the laboratory's operating environment, applicable laws and regulations, self-assessments and the various review processes of the laboratory. The AC executes this function through the FRA CAS Cycle, which defines AC oversight activities, meetings and processes leading to the annual Assurance Letter from the FRA Chairman of the Board to the DOE Contracting Officer.

Management Systems

System # Management System Owner-Title
M1 Corporate Governance FRA Board of Directors
M2 Stakeholder Relations Laboratory Director
M3 Performance Planning Office of Program and Project Support
M4 Science Chief Research Officer (CRO)
M5 Finance Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
M6 Business Operations Chief Operating Officer (COO) /AD of Operations
M7 ES&H ES&H Director
M8 Quality Manager, Quality Services, ESH&Q Section
M9 Engineering Office of Program and Project Support
M10 Information Technology Chief Information Officer (CIO) / AD Computing
M11 Communications Head Office of Communications
M12 Partnerships Manager, Office of Partnerships and Technology Transfer (OPTT)

CAS Partners

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