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Wilson Hall Public Affairs
For news and information about Fermilab and high-energy physics.

Phone: 630-840-3351
Fax: 630-840-8780
Email: fermilab@fnal.gov

Public Affairs Staff
At your service

Accelerate the start of your science writing career.

Speakers' Bureau
How to get a speaker from Fermilab

Available Materials
Brochures, information packages, posters, maps…

Talk to Fermilab
Send us your questions, comments and concerns. We'll answer!

Internal communication forum
We encourage staff members to share their opinions about communication at Fermilab and how it may be improved.

Local community forum
Fermilab values strong relationships with the people who live in the neighborhood.

NuMI/MINOS Facts for Neighbors
Beginning in February 2005, neutrinos in the NuMI beam will travel 450 miles straight through the earth, from Fermilab to the historic Soudan mine in northeastern Minnesota -- no tunnel needed.

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