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Science in the Neighborhood: Fermilab and the Community

Fermilab values strong relationships based on direct and open communication with the people who live in neighboring communities. Fermilab's future as a world leader in science research depends on the trust and support of our neighbors here at home.

Current Status of Access to Fermilab

Fermilab Community Advisory Board
Fermilab has formed a Community Advisory Board. The purpose of the board is to provide input from the local community on a range of topics regarding present and future research and operations at Fermilab.

Neighbor to Neighbor
We always value contact with our neighbors. Please tell us about your questions and concerns. Use the form below and we'll reply as soon as possible. We also post responses on our website.

Tritium Results from Environmental Monitoring Program
Since the early days of our laboratory, Fermilab has maintained a comprehensive environmental monitoring program. In the history of this program, we have never detected any radionuclides (atoms that decay into other atoms and particles) in any of the streams that leave the site. That changed in November 2005, when we detected very small amounts of tritium in Indian Creek, at the southwest corner of the site. At all times, the levels we found posed no threat to human health or to the environment. The amounts we detected were far lower than the federal water standards we are required to meet.

Fermilab is committed to go beyond merely satisfying the regulatory limits; to reduce tritium discharges to the maximum extent achievable; to keep the public fully informed; and to engage the public in the establishment of goals and formulation of plans. We will keep our neighbors updated through the following Web site:

As always, you can feel free to contact us via email or telephone (630/840-3351).

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