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McMahon Family Affair:Franklin, Franklin Jr., Mark, Carolyn, Meryl, Andrew, Elise, Debbie, Margot, Hugh, Michael.

On Display: 7/21/08 – 9/17/08

Artist Reception 8/1/08 5-7pm Fermilab Art Gallery, Wilson Hall

If art resides in the genes then the McMahon’s are a living example of genes passing onto the next generation, three generations to be exact. The exhibit consists of eleven family members all exploring varying forms of the arts which include painters, drawers, sculptures, weavers, web developers, and pumpkin carvers. To see more of the family’s work


Below are highlights from four of the participating artists:

Franklin McMahon

Franklin McMahon is an artist-reporter from Illinois whose work takes him all over the world. He was at the opening day of Vatican Council II, at Democratic and Republican conventions since 1960, in Mission Control, Houston, for the first landing on the Moon, covered Chicago Symphony Orchestra Tours of Europe and Japan. Portfolios of his drawings and paintings have been published by Life, Look, Fortune, Sports Illustrated, Chicago Tribune, and The New York Times.  


Mark McMahon

When picking a subject I attempt to document with my on-location style an image that best communicate the human condition at that time. By spending time with the subject the viewer is allowed to see an event unfold in each image. When viewing my compositions try to look inside the many changing ideas.


Carolyn McGregor McMahon

The artwork has evolved over the years since being an Art &Design student at the

University of Denver & post grad at the National College of Art in Dublin, Ireland.

What has remained is the focus on sculpture in metal, ceramic and in glass oftentimes finding acquired techniques overlapping. Combining works in glass and metal has taken a turn recently to drawings in neon and also in metal.



Franklin McMahon Jr.

Frank McMahon has many years experience taking photographs for Editorial and Corporate clients. For the past fourteen years I have had a Web Development company, Digimage, as well as doing photography. My part of the exhibit at the Fermilab Art Gallery is a combination of the two vocations. http://frankmcmahon.com/index.html


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