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James Manos
While engaging in all the many activities necessary to make this series of etchings I was motivated by my interest in examining the feelings I had when, passing by, I was struck by something in the landscape. Something about the scene, and every one of these places exist within twenty miles of Fermilab, something about the scene was important to me and I tried to develop out of the copper plate a visual language that would show me what the "struck" was.

All the etchings in the show except the latest (the one called "Strange Trees") began their life as a snapshot photograph taken by me at the place I was interested in. I used an involved and convoluted method to cause the photographic image to become an etched image on a copper plate. * The method is ripe with opportunities for accidents and I used them to build freshness and liveliness into the work. Once the images were embedded in the copper I began to use traditional etching techniques to build upon the photographic "blueprint", to try to draw out of myself and into the world something of what I felt watching the original landscape.

After a lot of revising and re-etching I called the plates finished and printed them, with the results shown here.

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