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Contrasts - The Photo Exhibition

Reidar Hahn
Light is my silent partner. Although it can stream in a window, break through the clouds, or flood a canyon without making a sound, to me it speaks volumes. However there are no true silent partners in any relationship. After all why have a partner if they are to remain silent. This relationship is no different than any other, sometimes we fail each other, sometimes we fail together, and in some often serendipitous moments we strike harmony.

Photographers from the beginning have been driven to improve their art form, probably more then any other media. Like all art it poses left and right brain challenges. This often causes pursuit of technical perfection at the cost of artist expression. A dangerous trap, one's vision should drive technique, not the other way around.

For me these prints represent a great departure in technique, which in turn I believe aided my ability to impart my vision a little better. These images are not from work in the darkroom with chemicals, these prints are digital.

Successful art transcends the viewer past the trapping and confinements of its medium and onto its soul. It also transcends time. I hope you can see in my photographs a sense of timelessness. That they could have been taken at any time in your life, and that they move past the opportunity to be a record of time and into a world that is timeless. I don't want these images to be just "A Day in the Life of America", but proof that art can be part of everyday life in America.

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