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Mae Connor's Still and Not So Still Paintings

Mae Connor

My oil paintings are created directly from observing nature and also trying to capture "Light" by painting as the Impressionists, painting from light to dark.

In the still life paintings I strive to show the wonderful abundance we have in this country. I'm always amazed by the strong colors and interesting organic shapes found in the simplest piece of fruit or a vegetable. I believe good art like good food are beautiful things that nourish.

About the taxis and traffic paintings, I feel I'm using them as a symbolism of my journey thru life complete with tensions and gridlocks. I love Chicago and after a trip downtown I'm always creatively energized and ready to paint. Here I can use strong movement and again overwhelming colors and if you really look closely, noise.

My father and grandfather were both artists. Grandfather worked as a woodcarver at Pullman during the turn of the century. I'm very proud of my four children who are all working artists with many degrees. I've studied at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, Chicago IL., The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, IL. and with Gianni Cilfone, Park Ridge, IL. My career spans five decades and embraces painting, drawing, collage, sculpture and fiber work.

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