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Natural Light and the Landscape
William Worcester

On Display: December 8, 2010 – February 4, 2011

Artist Reception December 10, 2010 5-7pm
Fermilab Art Gallery, Wilson Hall

Painting Demonstration December 15, 2010 11:30 in the Art Gallery

By subtly altering the shapes of reality, I am trying to create a feeling of being wrapped in the light of the natural landscape.

By working from nature I attempt to create a visual poem. A painting should leave more to the imagination than a photograph would. More like a poem or a piece of music. I work with a minimum of detail and paint somewhat loosely and intuitively. My images arise from the memories and experiences of a lifetime of interacting with the landscape and nature. They also come from the time spent painting outdoors which allows me import the essence of the natural world into my art.

In my paintings I try to go beyond a simple depiction of a place, to explore and capture the feeling that the scene conveys. Many of my landscapes start with sketches or photos of an actual place, but then the painting evolves into how I want to see the landscape. The painted landscape is not as it appears in the objective world, but the subjective.

In the end, it's all about capturing and interpreting the light…the natural light as it moves across the landscape. So if my visual poems add a sense of light, peace or beauty to your world then I've achieved something worthwhile."
For more information contact:
William Worcester
email: wfw51@yahoo.com
Phone: 847-977-2951


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