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Probability of Certainty
Suminagashi:The art & science of Painting On Water
by Amy Lee Segami

Artist Statement

Science is known for proven hard facts of certainty, fine arts, however, such as classical music, novels and paintings, have been open to the probability of interpretation for centuries.

Through the science education of fluid mechanics, I am blessed with the gift to merge my education with my heritage background to transform the ancient art of randomness, Suminagashi, into a contemporary art medium of expression.

This art form touches the deeper common experience among us. The paintings suggest the perplexity between probability and certainty, with a range of interpretations. With water as canvas, the medium increases the challenge of control in multiple layers.

As a contemporary artist, I sincerely invite you, the viewers, to be a collaborator: to become an active participants, both in looking at the art and in your own life.

Spend sometime with each image. Ask yourself what you see and how you relate to the image. Stretch your imagination to see various possibilities. Then, share your insights with a friend or a colleague. The reward comes when you get the Aha's. When you experience the different perspectives and depth: discovering what you did not see before and seeing the impossible possible.

Just as in solving the problems of life, there is no right or wrong answer. Here, it is all about the human experience and passion that count. It all depends on your participation, your perspective, and your ability to recognize the facts and pattern, and then, the ability to process your interpretation. That is the certainty of probability.

Nothing pleases the artist more than hearing the aha's and feedback from the viewers. Please email and share your discovery, to me, and to those you care.

2007 Amy Lee Segami, Chicago.
All rights reserved. segami@segami.com
(312) 635-3800


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