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Through the Lens
Images by Reidar Hahn
and the Particle Physics Photowalk at Fermilab

On Display: February 9, 2011 – April 8, 2011

Artist Reception February 11, 2011 5-7pm
Fermilab Art Gallery, Wilson Hall

Reidar Hahn - Artist's Statement

A former boss of mine once told me: things don't make news; people make news. As a photographer, that always stuck with me, especially at a particle physics laboratory.

Fermilab is one of the most advanced scientific facilities in the world, but it's the people who make everything happen. Whether it's taking a group shot or photographing a massive particle detector, my favorite part is learning from the people who work here about what they do. Those are the experiences that define my vision, not to mention teach me about physics.

When selecting photographs for this exhibit, I picked images taken mainly within the last few years. From neutrinos to bison, the collection provides a glimpse of life through the lens of a photographer at the physics frontier.

The Particle Physics Photowalk at Fermilab

On August 7, 2010, more than 200 photographers had the opportunity to present a new view of physics by going behind the scenes at five laboratories in Asia, Europe and North America as part of the first Particle Physics Photowalk. Following the event, photographers submitted thousands of images to local competitions at the participating laboratories, which included CERN in Switzerland, DESY in Germany, Fermilab in Illinois, KEK in Japan and TRIUMF in Canada. Each laboratory selected their local winners, and forwarded the top three to compete in two global competitions organized by the laboratories in the spirit of friendly competition. All five participating laboratories will feature the global winners and their local photowalk selections in temporary exhibits in 2011. The Particle Physics Photowalk was organized by the InterAction collaboration, whose members represent particle physics laboratories in Asia, North America and Europe.

Partipicants that have winning photographs in the show are: Justin Bacque, Bob Bambic, Dana Carnet, Mario DelRosso, Ken Duszynski, Jean Jacques Mollo, Charles Peterson, Tony Reynes, and Robert Tilden.

For more information about the first Particle Physics Photowalk http://www.interactions.org:80/cms/?pid=1029664/


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