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Stitched Together- Art and Science- Art Quilts by Midwestern Artists

Participatiing Artists

Ainger, Anderson, Baker, Beat, Berg, Bishop, Breunig, Brinkman - Busi , Brucar, Cheszek, Colson, Curry, DeBoer, Downie, Evans, Ferrono, Frocillo, Halt, Havlan, Heus, Jackan, Jayko, Jones, Katz, Kay, Kimpel, Kinder, Koenigsaecker, Kroth, Lindsey, Malec, Mendola, Nash, Parady, Parson, Pfister, Pilarski, Puetz, Read, Riggio, Robinson, Rose, Schneider, Schwietzer, Sleboda , Sorkin-Eisenberg, Spiegel, Sweeney, Tabis, Wallace, Wasilowski, Weaver, Wetzler

On Display: November 2, 2011 – January 20, 2012

Artist Reception November 18, 2011 5-7pm
Fermilab Art Gallery, Wilson Hall


Stitched Together- Art and Science is by members of SAQA and PACA. An international organization, Studio Art Quilters Association, SAQA promotes the art quilt through education, exhibitions, publications, and professional development. The Professional Art Quilters Alliance, PAQA has over 80 members from Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Indiana. The group promotes art quilting and professional development in fiber arts. With the challenge of creating artwork related to science, members from the Illinois and Wisconsin SAQA and PACA submitted art quilts for the exhibit. Topics range from the microscopic view of protozoa to depictions of the universe. Geology, marine biology, botany, and medical research art represented in quilt form. Stitched Together is a juncture of art and science and the threads that bind them together.

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