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Pam Allnutt

The work I have been doing since 2002 is an exploration into the intersection of the physical world of nature and the unseen, but no less real, spiritual and psychological properties of life.

In today's world, we are rarely able to see nature in its original form. However, the small tracts of land set aside as "preserves" in this suburban area still allow for that interaction with nature that is so vital. During countless walks in the prairie, forest, and marsh areas of this region, I have found much to ponder and enrich my life. My work grows out of these experiences.

Fragments of nature fascinate me. By isolating and manipulating them on a large scale, new meanings emerge…opening up an exploration into the mystery of what we know to be true. Instead of standing outside of the landscape as an objective observer, the viewer can enter into the experience and become an active participant in creating meaning from the images.

Pam Allnutt lives in Wheaton, IL, where she continues this work in both poetry and visual art. She has an MFA degree from Northern Illinois University and has taught at several institutions of higher learning in the area. She is represented by "One" Gallery with locations in Geneva and Chicago.

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