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Urban Landscapes - Andy Paczos and Lisa Harris

On Display: May 6, 2010 – July 5, 2010

Artist Reception May 14, 2010 5-7pm
Fermilab Art Gallery, Wilson Hall

Artist Statement Andy Paczos
The works shown in the Fermilab Art Gallery are a collection of about ten years of painting the urban landscape in and around Chicago. I chose to exhibit a decade of work to demonstrate the development of technique and ideas.
In the earlier paintings I was more interested in studying isolated objects in the landscape. It was an exclusionary process of eliminating everything but the essentials. These paintings are more conceptual in nature. I gradually became more interested in inclusion. My scope of vision increased and everything in the landscape was of equal importance. These paintings were less conceptual and more "matter of fact, more empirical."
Painting outside on location for months at a time the obstacles are many. This method of work may create a painting -of record- but my real delight is in the experience of observation, remaining as objective as possible. Renoir once told Bonnard "make everything more beautiful." I desire to make everything as beautiful as it is.
For more information contact:
Andy Paczos
email: andypaczos@gmail.com

Artist Statement Lisa Harris
In creating pieces for this show I went back into the archives - my archives. Years ago, I made somewhat claustrophobic small rooms with distressed walls, broken chairs and fluttering curtains. These evolved into just walls or canvasses- depicting remnants of old buildings revealing unintentional patterns of stairways and structural elements. These ruins were like monuments that reflected a Chicago I grew up in. Over the years I have recast the industrial structures/walls and landscapes into various settings-- tiles, drawings and vessels-- in an attempt to capture a shifting psychological perspective. So I went back to the walls hoping to explore a more rugged slab form layered with memory, and the crust of time passed.


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