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Works by L. Allen, R.J. Lang, C. Palmer

Artist Statement - Lane Allen
I consider myself a fanatic folder who is inspired to experiment with new metal materials using traditional and modern folding concepts and designs, to create my own stylistic and sculptural versions. I also consider myself to be a sculptor and go at each piece, inspired to play with space and conceptual design ideas. I hope to revolutionize origami as we currently understand it and to create lasting works of art.

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Lane Allen

Artist Statement - Robert Lang
While modern origami encompasses a variety of styles and customs, I have followed the modern ethic of folding from a single uncut sheet of paper (usually square). Within those restrictions, in my work I attempt to create realistic impressions of natural subjects. My goal with each figure is to capture within the paper some of the feeling I experience when I look at the original subject. Birds, in particular, offer a unique challenge: structurally, they are all alike - two legs and two wings - and so the challenge in capturing each subject lies in the selection and emphasis of the individual lines within a common form, leading, at times, to radically different folding approaches.

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Robert J.Lang

Artist Statement - Chris Palmer
In 1990 I traveled to Granada, Spain, to visit some friends and fell in love with the Alhambra, a medieval Moorish castle. I lived in the caves of Sacremonte and visited the castle for six months to sketch the mosaic tilings. I have continued these studies to the present, and the splendor of the castle continues to be my greatest source of inspiration. Soon after my return I learned about a modern branch of paperfolding called "hira-ori" (flat-fold) from the works of Shuzo Fujimoto. Following Fujimoto's example, and with the invaluable aid of artist Jeremy Shafer, I studied and developed this kind of paperfolding. I view my work as watering the garden that my teacher planted. After several years of persistent effort and study, in 1995 I made the leap from paperfolding to pleating textile. "Shadowfolds" are traditional patterns expressed in the new medium of folded cloth.

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Chris Palmer

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