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D.L. Brown

Don Brown was born and raised in Central Illinois and his work reflects the small town, semi-rural environment that has always been a part of his life. Drawing and painting since age 5, Donís current work is a result of many years of observation and experience. During his teen years, Don lived next door to a soda shop/pharmacy (Krouseís in Bloomington, IL) and the aura and flavors of that 40ís and 50ís commercial icon have stayed with him all of his life. Family owned or ďMom Ďní PopĒ stores, gas stations, saloons, etc. have been his painting subjects for years, with recent additions of walls and antique signage. Every painting is a one-of-a-kind and is always based on personal knowledge of the subject. Whenever possible, Don visits the owners or former owners of a store to learn some history of the place. This helps to create a painting that has true historical and personal sense about it, rather than just a super detailed, empty building. Skilled in all aspects of time-weather factors on building materials, Don tried to add toil, sweat and tears to his store fronts. Most of Donís time is spent on commission work and art shows around the country. Further commissions are welcomed.
For details on schedule, prices and gallery affiliations, please contact Don Brown at:
P.O. Box 891
Warrenville, IL 60555
(630) 692-1496
Website: dlbrownwatercolors.com

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