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Jeff Curto The Italian Portfolio: Evidence of Hands on Stone

Tanya Lunina Flowers: Colors, Lines and Shapes

January 25, 2008 - March 14, 2008

Reception: February 1, 2008

Artist Statement by Jeff Curto

Since 1989, I have been photographing the architectural landscape of Italy, exploring the visual splendor of its religious, public and vernacular structures. These objects are the evidence of patient application of hands on stone, allowing extraordinary things to be created from ordinary materials. Over time, layers of the past and present combine to create something that will remain to be seen in the future.
My photographs are my response to this subtle layering of the ancient and the contemporary in Italian architecture. For me, the buildings, their materials and the light that plays on them not only describe the passage of time but also the sense of proportion, beauty and attention to minute details of life and living for which Italy is justly famous. Though the hands of the men and women who crafted these structures are always visible, I eliminate the physical presence of people in the photographs to place the emphasis on the objects themselves. In this, I am following the documentary tradition in photography, though my objective is to give the images a sense of timelessness, much like the structures themselves possess.
I work with a large format camera for its ability to express nuances of tone and detail as well as for the deliberate actions which the camera requires and which I enjoy. While the camera and the film inside of it are "old" technology, my prints are inkjet. The film is scanned and the images are printed with pigment inks on rag paper, so the 16 by 20 inch prints, like their subjects, exhibit a respectful mixture of the past and the present, with an eye to the future.


telephone 630.202.3635

email jeff@jeffcurto.com

Artist Statement by Tanya Lunina

The variety of the world of photography and its different genres make photography a kind of activity which requires a careful and creative approach. Also, photography is an opportunity to see the world by the eyes of other people.
My current exhibition presents my experience in close-up photography, specifically, an amazing world of flowers. It is always interesting for me to photograph flowers not only as their botanical views but also look at them from different angle. I try to find something unique and emphasize their colors, lines or shapes. The result sometimes is wonderful. Depending on appropriate light, colors of flowers become brighter, saturated and deeper or softer and smoother. Lines and shapes have visual effects. Depending on direction, lines add dynamics or elegance one or another image. Shapes give minimalism and completeness for a picture.
I take my pictures digitally and usually use natural directional or diffuse lighting. Close-up photography is the open project for me as I believe this theme is endless.
I hope you will enjoy the exhibition and find your own vision or feeling about my pictures. Please, also, visit my web-site www.tl-photography.com where my other works are presented.

Tanya Lunina


email lunina.t@gmail.com

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