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Art in the Abstract
works by

Guy Bellaver, Kate Friedman, John Slavik, Shawn Slavik, Ana Žanic

On Display: July 9, 2009 – September 23, 2009

Artist Reception July 10, 2009 5-7pm
Fermilab Art Gallery, Wilson Hall

Guy Bellaver
I work in many mediums, but my most recent work has been in bronze or painted steel, and ranges from "tabletop" to monumental pieces over 18 feet tall. I am fascinated by positive/negative space, and my sculptures attempt to stretch the physics of the medium that I'm working in to occupy those spaces. My work is in civic, corporate, residential, and university settings - both commissioned and spec. I take pride in working effectively with all of those involved in commissioned work to achieve a piece that fulfills an artistic vision.

email: gjb.rteest@gmail.com

Kate Friedman
In my mixed-media paintings and drawings I explore the visual language of nature. I am interested in how we are elementally connected to the raw materials and physical laws of the natural universe, and how we find pattern and meaning in our perception of the world around us, and inside us. A vocabulary of marks in my work references the structures of clouds, trees, water, lichen, cells or molecules, particle waves, topographic maps, capillaries and spider webs. Visualization of complex networks in science, medicine, and computing is also suggested, though the data may be overwhelming, and the results inconclusive.
Original photographs of natural phenomena, or of my previous paintings, provide the raw material for these new works. I manipulate the images digitally to reveal unforeseen patterns and forms, and print these altered images on frosted mylar. Then I paint and draw directly on the print in a meditative exploration, responding to multiple layers of underlying information.
Recycled industrial materials and digital processes are woven into new forms at the intersection of nature and technology. Colors of the digital screen, the street, and advertising exist in tension with the colors of sky, water and land. I combine synthetic and natural materials; acrylic and plastic, fluorescent paint, metal powder, grass, wood chips, dirt and sand. In some pieces, the previous history is apparent; in others it is more obscure. Often it is difficult to tell which parts of the images show the mark of the hand, and which are the mark of the machine. My work seeks to uncover a common language, one that speaks of both technology and nature, of the rational and the intuitive, of order and chaos.


email: katef@kfd.com

John Slavik
I create objects that have direct connection to my Life. My work, by choice, vacillates between and around a variety of planes. Abstract, representational, conceptual interjecting any media that helps bring the idea to fruition. I try to create works that invite interaction and have a strong physical presence. The art records my emotional response to events, places and thoughts.
email: jkslavik@comcast.net

Shawn Slavik
Once, maybe twice a year if one is lucky, a moment happens where everything just lines up, reality seems to freeze itself, the hidden becomes obvious, and you are left with a sudden unexpected glimpse of clarity.
My work is an attempt to capture and describe these fleeting moments.
Each piece is an almost forgotten / barely remembered moment. A small part of the story, removed from context, exposed and left wondering. Like writing letters to dead relatives or going to church.
The almost moments, the regrets, I like those moments.

email: shawnslavik@hotmail.com

Ana Žanic
My watercolors emerge from layers of washes intermixed with the dynamic lines, scribbles and marks of ink drawing. They are abstract compositions in which the colors and forms create atmospheric spaces of transcendence.
My works are never preconceived. They evolve from a notion, develop through intuition, and are evocative rather than descriptive. They are greatly concerned with subjectivity and emotions, and remain open and transformable even when they are finished. For me, the process of painting is a search that allows me to explore both the formal visual elements, as well as my inner moods and personal feelings. Not only does the final product of this journey reveal me to the viewer, but it leads back and I am also revealed to myself.


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