Talks from the Mini-Workshop on Physics with the First Muon Collider, Fermilab, May 22-23, 1998.

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Vernon Barger (U.W. Madison): s-channel Higgs.

Mike Berger (Indiana U.): The ttbar theshold at muon colliders.

Jack Gunion (U.C. Davis): Putting the muon collider physics program on a firm foundation.

Tao Han (U.W. Madison): What do we make at the FMC?

Ken Lane (Boston U.): Technicolor at the FMC.

Paul Lebrun (Fermilab): Pixel simulation and reconstruction for a muon collider detector.

Steve Mrenna (Argonne): Pythia as an event generator for a muon collider.

Stephen Parke (Fermilab): Top quark physics above threshold at a muon collider.

Rajendran Raja (Fermilab): Goals and scope of the mini-workshop.

Rajendran Raja (Fermilab): Strawman GEANT detector for the muon collider.

Iuliu Stumer (Brookhaven): Muon collider background status.

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