Muon Collider Physics

A homepage for the study of physics opportunities at muon colliders.

This page is part of the muon collider feasibility study group at Fermilab.



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Physics Group Meetings:

Beginning in January we plan to have regular biweekly meetings on Thursdays. Some meetings will be held jointly with the Fermilab NLC detector physics group. Everyone is welcome to attend and participate.

Mini-Workshop on Physics with the First Muon Collider: May 22-23, 1998

We had a two day workshop at Fermilab during the dates May 22-23, 1998 to arrive at a shortlist of physics processes to simulate with as complete a treatment of the expected backgrounds as possible for a detector at the First Muon Collider. The First Muon collider for the purposes of this discussion can have a center of mass energy ranging from 90 GeV to 500 GeV. One of the aims of this workshop was to identify the required simulation and analysis personpower required to arrive at a detailed understanding of the capabilities of the First Muon Collider in measuring fundamental physics quantities in the energy range of interest.

The exercise which began at this workshop necessarily requires the participation of both theoretical and experimental physicists. The end product is to produce a detailed report on the physics of the FMC within the time scale of a year.




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The Physics Group conveners are Joe Lykken and Rajendran Raja.


Drawing of a scene in the 12th Dynasty Tomb of Sehet-epibre at Thebes in which the priest preceding the hide-wrapped tekenu on its sledge summons a pair of muu wearing the tall conical crown.

The priest calls out, "Come O Muus!"


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