Minutes of the Neutrino Factory Physics Study Meeting
                Tuesday 11th January, 2000

Scribe: Steve Geer

1.  News:

  Next meeting is January 18th (next week) 11:30 CST 12NW/videoland
  ... and meetings will be bi-weekly there-after.

  A preliminary agenda for the 2 day meeting (Feb. 17-18th) is advanced
  and a first version will be in the public domain in a few days.

2.  Group 3 Oscillations Scenarios - S. Parke

    Plan to define an additional 2 scenarios -> 6 scenarios in total 
    ....  and then double the number of scenarios to 12 by defining 
    two variants -> delta = 0, pi/2.

3.  Group 2/4: Detectors/Oscillation measurements
    D. Harris summarized recent activities, which included fitting 
    Monte Carlo progress, background NTUPLES, new blood for cherenkov
    detector exploration, exploring entry-level nu factory scenario, 
    thoughts on W/Si detector --  Debbies slides .
    Debbie also showed calculated background levels versus muon threshold 
    energy .. the level of the pion background generated some discussion.
    Debbies plots, and information about the NTUPLES, can be found hanging 
    from the working group web page: 

    K. McFarland talked about cerenkov detector with external charge measuring 
    spectrometer/hadron calorimeter. There was discussion about background
    levels and thresholds.

    S. Geer compared sensitivity to nu_e -> nu_mu oscillatios for the 
    3 defined points in 3-flavor mixing parameter space .. sensitivities
    are similar. Also with only 10^19 decays per year and a 20 GeV storage
    ring it still looks as if we would be able to make a first measurement
    of nu_e -> nu_mu oscillatios provided sin^2 2theta_(13) was not less
    than about an order of magnitude below the currently excluded region.

4.  Group 5: Non-Oscillation physics
    E. Hawker summarized recent activities, which included progree on detector

    M. Velasco gave a nice tutorial on spin structure functions and why 
    neutrino factories can make an impact on this.