Group 5: Non-oscillation measurements

Goals: Write the sections of the report describing sensitivity for the measurement of the non-oscillation physics (electroweak, structure functions, heavy quarks and couplings, exotic searches) versus beam energy, intensity, baseline length, muon polarization, detector details, etc.
Contact person: Eric Hawker (
People in group:
Prisca Cushman
Fritz DeJongh
Joe Formaggio
Debbie Harris
Eric Hawker
Gerry Garvey
John Krane
Kevin McFarland
Jorge Morfin
Stephen Parke
Heidi Schellman
Robert Shrock
Ray Stefanski
Mayda Velasco
Gokhan Unel
Jae Yu

Other Useful Links
Here is a first draft of the Non-oscillation section of the full report. There are still 2 or 3 subsections that need to be added, and it still needs some overall cutting and polishing. The tex files and figures for the draft can be found here

Last updated March 14th, 2000
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