Minutes from Oscillations Measurements Working Group Meeting

Deborah Harris
Last modified: Wed Oct 13 16:53:38 CDT 1999 Oscillation Measurements Working Group Minutes

1st meeting: Friday Oct. 8, 11AM (WH14x)

Suggestions for other times welcome, but assume for now Fridays at 11AM in WH14x
Bob Bernstein
Debbie Harris
Panagiotis Spentzouris
Ray Stefanski
Mayda Velasco (by phone)

Physics Goals: "CKM Matrix", CP violation, Matter Effects, Sterile Neutrinos

First Order of Business: Merger with the Detector group
Detectors to Explore:
1. Steel Scintillator/Toroid Spectrometer -PGS,DAH
(a la CCFR, NuTeV, MINOS)
Neutral Current/Charged Current tests
Wrong sign muon spectrum tests
2. "Kinematic bubble chamber" -MV
Electron ID
Tau ID--what channels are accessible?
How can this type of detector be parameterized?
(energy resolution, particle id, etc)
3. Cerenkov Counters - RS
(Kamiokande, ICECUBE, MiniBoone)
Uncharted territory for muon storage ring beam
For Each Detector, want:
1. Good/Fast monte carlo with at least salient features included
2. Incorporate starndard input flux file format, to save on flux generation time.
3. Determine if detector can be at ground level (as function of energy!)
4. What signals are accessible in what detector?
Table of experimental signatures: RHB
there is still much room for help!
Do you have a favorite detector not being studied?
Do you want/have you already sorted through the
* CP violation literature
* Matter Effects literature
* Sterile Neutrinos (what's allowed, how many?)
--These literature studies have excessive overlap with theory section, will try to get experts to corroborate.

We want to study several scenarios--much work has been done on detector types 1 and 2
with one scenario...don't want to reinvent the wheel but want to expand that work.
Please write dharris@fnal.gov to sign up and or change the meeting schedule!