Minutes from 7/5/00 Oscillations Measurements Working Group Meeting

Deborah Harris
Last modified: Mon Jul 17 14:39:45 CDT 2000 Oscillation Measurements Working Group Minutes
Bob Bernstein
Steve Geer
Debbie Harris
Mario Campanelli (by phone)
Fritz DeJongh
Heidi Schellman
Mike Shaevitz
Bob Shrock (by phone)
Ray Stefanksi
Mayda Velasco
Panagiotis Spentzouris

Next Meeting of this group: July 19, 2000 9:30AM
Don't forget NNN00 Workshop at Fermilab: Aug 7&8

  • Ray Stefanski's talk from July 5, 2000 meeting This document describes some of the low energy neutrino physics that is of interest, as well as the salient features of the PRISM project in Japan.
    CP and T violation in long baseline experiments with low energy neutrino by Joe Sato, hep-ph/0006127 , June 13, 2000.

    Future Studies and Deadlines
    We discussed the various ways in which the 6-month study could or should be extended. Click here for Bob Bob Berstein's draft outline of the next long term report. The deadline for this report is sometime before Nufact01/Snowmass.
    A smaller report or addendum should also be written, with a November 4 deadline, since that is when the PAC will meet next. The draft charge of that addendum is below. Steve Geer suggested that we also consider the question of how far below ground various detectors need to be for various measurements--since that determines what baselines are do-able for each detector type.

    New Draft Charge from Mike Shaevitz
  • What can be done with a conventional neutrino beam?
    What is sin22th13 reach? At what level do systematic errors come in?
    Can one measure matter effects and sign of Dm223 ?
  • What should be the energy and intensity of an entry level machine in order to push x10 beyond the above conventional program?
  • Goal should be a measurement of sin22th13 at the 0.0001 to 0.001 level
  • Can one do precision nu_mu,e to nu_tau measurements?
  • Cost effective high mass detectors? How to do nu_tau detection?
  • What level of machine is needed to measure CP violation.
    How would one do the measurement assuming the LMA solar solution or MiniBooNE confirms LSND?
  • How can the neutrino factory address the issues associated with the existence sterile neutrinos?

    Beginnings of superbeam study
    After discussing charges et al, we looked over the preliminary superbeam study that Debbie and Steve have been working on (see the superbeam web page and the 7300km NUMI high energy beam plots available from that web page). Seeing an effect for sin^22theta_13=.001 looks really really hard even if nc background rejection is 10^-3, because the intrinsic nu_e background is the same size as the signal in the most significant energy bin (and larger elsewhere). If sin^22theta_13=.01 then it wouldn't be so bad with the NUMI high energy beam--for the right sign of delta m^2 the signal would be 10x the intrinsic nue background, for the wrong sign of delta m^2 it would probably be the same size as the intrinsic nue background.

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