Minutes of August 26 Meeting

Status of the Detector R&D document:
The purpose of this detector r&d document seems to be changing as we receive more and more entries. Mostly it will serve as a repository of information concerning studies that have already been done to measure the performance of different detectors. For the most promising detector technologies, this document may also outline what the biggest outstanding questions are for that technology.

You can find the current version at this link: Detector R&D Document

Alan Bross gave a quick summary of the scintillator r&d program, basically it sounds like given the r&d program that is already in place, they could bring a fine-grained version of minos down by a factor of 2 from what you would guess if you just made 4 times the mass of minos, and 4 times the segmentation. This is really a lower bound, though, it's an agressive program, and the scintillator costs ($5/kg) are not likely to change.
Interesting paper addressing how well we know delta m_23^2. hep-ph/0201290 by Fogli, Lisi, Marrone, Montanino, and Palazzo. This paper discusses, among other things, the constraints on delta m^2_23 which come from considering both k2k and superk together.
Deborah Harris
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