Minutes from the July 29 Meeting

Current version of Detector R&D document, which now includes the theoretical motivation section, thanks to Robert Shrock, Gabriela Barenboim, and Andre deGouvea, a very slim intro by yours truly, and a targeting section thanks to Mikhail Kostin.

We talked about the document for awhile, and discussed the PAC's response to the numi off-axis documents (both the proton driver upgrade and the LOI). We talked about the "8 questions" that the PAC commented on, and which of those we would address in our R&D document. The list is: (paraphrasing) After looking more at the outline, it was suggested that we have another section in the "other r&d needs" chapter on proton intensity upgrades, and Doug Michael has kindly agreed to write this. Also, it was suggested that Bob Svoboda be asked to write up a section on liquid scintillator detectors--he's been talking about the possibility of expanding to a 100kton detector which might have similar performance to a liquid argon detector (I haven't personally seen any monte carlo plots to show this... but anyway it's much more light than water cerenkov). Anyway, as of the typing of these minutes I haven't heard back from Bob yet.
Deborah Harris
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