Minutes from June 10 Meeting

At today's meeting Maury went over his initial draft of the outline for our study group's report. By the end of the summer we will produce a document which describes a wide range of detector technologies for a NUMI off-axis experiment, and hopefully discuss what detector r&d is needed before one could propose an experiment.

The structure for the detector part was suggested as follows: for every detector idea there would be one section just outlining the basic concept and technique for that specific detector, and that section would be roughly the same for each detector idea. Then, for some of the detectors listed below there would be a very short r&d section which might say "this technique is not likely to work for this specific energy regime, so no r&d is recommended..." but then mention what energy regime this detector would be appropriate for...

By clicking on the Current Verion of Outline for Document you can see what names we originally thought of for different people to write the different sections. Please don't be alarmed if you see your name but you weren't at this meeting...but please consider yourself strongly invited to contribute!

For those of you who want to just read it on this page, you can see a rough outline here:

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