Summary of Discussions from April 15,22,29 Meetings

During the latter part of April we tried to come up with a roadmap for the future of neutrino physics. Although there are many good ideas around with thoughtful people subscribed to each of them, we could not as a study group say with one voice that there was experimentally only one way to proceed. What we could all agree to, however was that the next steps should be taken, and that simply "seeing" theta_13 was not the final goal, but only an intermediate step.

A ps file of the statements we as a study group can all agree to can be found here .

During this time period the work of Mayda, Michal, Gabriela, and Andre on the NUMI off-axis beam hit the Los Alamos preprint server, with the preprint number hep-ph/0204208 .

For the record, some people in the group are encouraged by the promise of the JHF to SuperK program: you can find information about that propoal here

Still others have pointed out that there are studies going on at Brookhaven, which have the idea of putting a water cerenkov detector somewhere where it would see both a new beam from Brookhaven, and also the NUMI off-axis beam. You can find the web pages of this study group by going to

Finally, at the april 29 meeting Kirk McDonald presented some of his thoughts incorporating the "two beams, one detector" idea with a liquid argon TPC kind of detector. The first stage would be a 20kton device (in one module, but with several readout planes of wires) and the second stage would be considerably larger, something on the order of 100ktons. The first detector would be placed where two beams can shoot at it, and the second detector would be placed optimally such that CP Violation can be probed. The slides and writeup he prepared can be found at
Deborah Harris
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