Minutes from February 7 Meeting

Slides showing experimental considerations for matter effects and delta m2 precision for the beam to homestake can be found in Homestake Beams Talk that Debbie didn't get a chance to show last week.

Slides from Mikhail Kostin: (explanation will follow with meeting minutes) (c2.ps) , (c3.ps) , (c5.ps) , (c6.ps) , (yield_c+hg.ps)

Ratio of signal over background versus baseline for 2 different detector sitautions (off-axis beam) here

Sin^2 theta_13 sensitivity (for 20kton extra-segmented minos detector and for 450kton water cerenkov detector) as different effects get turned on (no background, nue background only, nue plus NC, nue plus NC with 1.5% systematic error, and finally nue plus nc with 5% systematic error. here

Deborah Harris
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