The charge for the group will be to deliver a concise report by March 31,
2000 that will explicitly include:

1. The physics motivation for a neutrino source based
    on a muon storage ring, operating in the era
    beyond the current set of neutrino oscillation

2. The physics program that could be accomplished at a
    neutrino factory as a function of:

    (a) The stored muon energy, with the maximum energy
        taken to be 50 GeV.

    (b) The number of muon decays per year in the beam-forming
        straight section, taken to be in the range from 10^19
        to 10^21 decays per year.

    (c) The presence or absence of muon polarization within the
        storage ring.

    (d) For oscillation experiments, the baseline length including
          investigations evaluating matter effects.