Neutrino Factory Physics Study: Next Meeting

The next video meeting of the neutrino factory physics study group will be at 11:30 am (CDT) on Tuesday 1st February in the 12th Floor meeting room. If you want to participate via a video link please send email to Debbie Harris (
Suggestions for additional agenda items are welcome.
              Preliminary Agenda

 0.  News    
     (draft agenda for 2 day meeting)
 1.  Osc. Theory/Scenarios Group Update              Steve Parke

 2.  Osc. detector/measurements update               Debbie/Bob

     Beam systematics vs flux uncertainties          Cecilia Crisan

 3.  Non-Osc group update                            Eric Hawker

     Neutral heavy lepton at a Nu Fact               Joe Formaggio

Suggestions to:
S. Geer and