February 15-16, 2000 Collaboration Meeting

Program for the Feb 15th-16th meeting: (PDF)

Time Topic Speaker(s) Affiliation
Tuesday February 15th
08:30 AM Welcome A. Sessler LBNL
08:40 AM Introduction and Tasks (PDF) N. Holtkamp FNAL
09:00 AM Physics Motivation and Boundary Conditions (PDF) S. Geer / H. Schellman FNAL
09:30 AM Coffee Break
09:45 AM Proton Driver (PDF) W. Chao FNAL
10:30 AM Target Proposal (PDF) S. Childress FNAL
10:45 AM Particle Production, Shielding, Capture (PDF) N. Mokhov FNAL
11:05 AM Target Support (PDF) P. Spampinato ORNL
11:25 AM Target Magnet and Taper (PDF) J. Miller FHML
11:45 AM Target Development (PDF) K. McDonald Princeton
12:00 PM Discussion
12:30 PM Lunch
01:30 PM Concept and Minicooling Strategy (PDF) V. Balbekov FNAL
02:00 PM Induction Linac Technology (PDF) S. Yu LBNL
02:30 PM Adiabatic Capture (PDF) D. Neuffer FNAL
03:00 PM Integrated Front End Simulation (PDF) C. Kim LBNL
03:40 PM Coffee Break
04:00 PM Cooling Cell and Refrigeration (PDF) D. Kaplan IIT/FNAL
04:30 PM High Power RF (PDF) J. Reid FNAL
04:50 PM Cavity Design (PDF) T. Jurgens FNAL
05:10 PM Magnet Systems - Magnets (PDF) S. Kozub IHEP
05:30 PM Magnet Systems - Channels (PDF) S. Kozub IHEP
06:00 PM Cooling Channel Considerations (PDF) G. Penn UC Berkley/LBNL
06:30 PM Discussion
07:30 PM Dinner
Wednesday February 16th
08:30 AM Introduction and Simulations V. Lebedev Jefferson Lab
09:30 AM Cavities and RF Systems (PDF) J. Delayen Jefferson Lab
10:00 AM Low Frequency RF Systems Consideration (PDF) H. Padamsee Cornell
10:30 AM Coffee Break
10:45 AM Arc's Design and Bending Magnet Requirements (PDF) C. Johnstone FNAL
11:05 AM General (PDF) D. Finley FNAL
11:25 AM Lattice Layout, Injection, Production Straights (PDF) C. Johnstone FNAL
11:55 AM Magnets for the Storage Ring (PDF) N. Andreev FNAL
12:20 PM Beam Induced Energy Deposition (PDF) N. Mokhov FNAL
12:40 PM Discussion
01:00 PM Lunch
02:00 PM Soleniod Channels
02:20 PM Power Supplies and Power Consumption (PDF) D. Wolff FNAL
02:40 PM Cryo Systems M. McAshan FNAL
03:00 PM Power / Cooling / Utilities
03:10 PM Discussion
03:20 PM Coffee Break
03:30 PM ES&H (PDF) D. Cossairt FNAL
03:50 PM FESS (PDF) J. Sims/D. Finley FNAL
04:20 PM The R&D Program (PDF) M. Zisman LBNL
05:00 PM Discussion
05:15 PM Adjourn S. Holmes FNAL

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