Ring Coolers and Emittance Exchange Workshop
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory  25-Aug-2003
Morning Morning (Starts 9:00AM) Morning Evening (Starts 4:00PM) Evening
25/08/2003 Neutrino Factory Front end studies Simulating RFOFO in Geant Compact 2 cell dipole only Lattice Kirk-Garren ring with realistic Muon Cooling in Gas filled Cyclotrons
25/08/2003 Rick Fernow Amit Klier Harold Kirk Steve Kahn Al Garren
26/08/2003 Lithium Lens Ring Cooler Gas filled Pre-Cooler LiH plate precooler
26/08/2003 Yasuo Fukui Bob Palmer Bob Palmer Steve Kahn (Geant Interface)
27/08/2003 Gaseous Hydrogen and Muon Accelerators Bunch Production for a Muon Collider
27/08/2003 Rolland Johnson Valeri Balbekov
28/08/2003 Quadrupole Channel Simulation in COSY
28/08/2003 Kyoko Makino