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Pictures of Balbekov Ring Cooler- This shows a single Muon with non-zero transverse momentum executing many turns in the Balbekov Ring Cooler, finally decaying. The dipole bending radius is 52cm. The pictures are produce in the interactive version of muc_geant with the kumac file debug.kumac.


STDMAKE documentation:- stdmake is a simple program that uses RCP files to produce beam particles for input into MUC_GEANT. It is controlled by two rcp files. Stdmake.rcp which controls the program and stdgeom.rcp which controls the orientation of the beam using geant rotation matrices. Using the two one can place the beam in any cell of the ring cooler going in any direction. The program also puts out an ntuple of the beam which can be analyzed by stdmake.kumac. The program is in CVS and is obtained and linked by the standard set of commands (cvs co stdmake; source setup.stdmake; gmake lib; gmake bin; source setup.stdmake.rel)