Ring Coolers and Emittance Exchange



Neutrino Factory Optimization Schemes

At the Shelter Island Collaboration meeting, the Working Group on Optimization came up with four schemes, which we have decided to study.

Emittance Exchange Workshop, LBNL, 2001

A workshop was held at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory from October 3-16, 2001 to make further progress on the ideas connected with Ring Coolers and Emittance Exchange. As a result of the workshop, we have three schemes of ring coolers that seem to produce cooling in 6 dimensions. Further information can be found in the workshop talks on the web.

Emittance Exchange Workshop, FNAL, 2002

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Emittance Exchange Workshop, FNAL, 2003

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MUC_GEANT   Program to simulate Ring_coolers

Muc_geant is a program based on Geant3.21 that simulates Ring Coolers. It is data-driven in that the Ring Cooler geometry is read in from structured ASCII files. The ability to track in electric fields has been added to GEANT3.21 by modifying the routine GRKUTA.

Transparency archive of past meetings

We have saved an archive of talks shown at bi-weekly meetings as pdf files. They are in folders marked meeting1, meeting2 etc.

Cooling Theory –Simulations Day, Feb 5, 2002

We will have a day dedicated to cooling theory/simulations at IIT, Chicago on Feb 5, 2002.

Preliminary agenda shown below.

Rajendran Raja  11/25/2001 6:01:02 PM