Muon Ionization Cooling R&D Talks

  • Cooling R&D Lecture
    S. Geer
    First Neutrino Factory International Summer Institute
    Cosner's House, Abingdon, England, June 2002

  • MUCOOL+MICE Collaboration Meetings, Feb 2002

    S. Geer, MUTAC Review, LBNL, Oct 2001

  • Ring Cooler
    R. Raja, Snowmass, July 2001

  • Neutrino Factory & Muon Collider R&D
    S. Geer, LP01, Rome July 2001

  • Muon Cooling R&D
    S. Geer, NUFACT01, Tsukuba May 2001

  • MUCOOL component development, test facilities, and University participation
    D. Kaplan, EPAP Sub-Panel Presentation, BNL, April 2001

  • MUCOOL long-term plans
    S. Geer, Muon Collab. talk, Fermilab, May 2001

  • Muon Cooling R&D Activities
    S. Geer, Accelerator advisory comm. talk, Fermilab, Dec. 2000

  • MUCOOL beam diagnostics Meeting Talks
    IIT, Nov. 2000

  • MUCOOL Collab. Meeting Talks
    Fermilab, Nov. 2000

  • Emittance exchange workshop Talks
    Sept. 2000

  • MUCOOL LH2 absorber development
    Mary-Anne Cummings, MUTAC Talk, June 2000

  • MUCOOL Overview
    Steve Geer, MUTAC, June 2000

  • Ionization Cooling R&D
    S. Geer, Fermilab Beams Div. Seminar, Jan. 1999

  • Ionization Cooling R&D Program for a High Luminosity Muon Collider
    S. Geer, DOE Visit, Fermilab, August, 199

  • Muon Ionization Cooling R&D
    S. Geer, Gilman panel presentation and document (August, 1997)