8 Channel Fast Discriminator
Family: NIM
- 150 MHz maximum operating frequency
- Adjustable output width per channel
- Thresholds independently adjustable via front panel trimmer and 3 digit voltmeter
- Common VETO input
- Current Sum output
The Model N413 A is a one unit wide NIM module housing 8 independent non-updating discriminators.

The threshold of each channel can be set in the range -20 mV to -1 V via front panel trimmers. The value of the threshold can be monitored on a front panel test point. Three DIP switches allow to select the channel whose threshold is present on the test point. For each channel it is possible to adjust the output width in the range 5 ns to 150 ns via front panel trimmer.

Each channel has two NIM outputs in normal logic and 1 NIM output in complementary logic. The "SCOMM" is an analog output which supplies a current of -2 mA per channel over the relevant threshold. A common VETO input signal disables the output signals of all the channels.

Impedance: 50 W
Polarity: Negative
Max. Input: 0 to -3.5 V
Max. Frequency: 150 MHz
Min. VETO Width: 3 ns

Std. NIM level.
Rise/Fall Time: 2.5 ns
Width: adjustable in the range 5 ns to 150 ns
SCOMM: - 2 mA for each channel over threshold

(ISN-GRENOBLE design).
Packaging One unit wide NIM module
Inputs 50 Ohm, negative polarity
Input max frequency 150 MHz
VETO min width 3 ns FWHM
Output rise/fall time 2.5 ns
Output width adjustable in the range 5 ns to 100 ns
Current Sum output - 2 mA per hit channel
Code Version Description Available New
WN413AXAAAAA N413A 8 Channel Fast Discriminator
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