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Fermilab Information for the P5 Committee
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1. Full Proposal (pdf) (ps.gz)
The revised second edition of the proposal including costs was submitted to Fermilab on June 4, 2001
2. Technical Review of the CKM Proposal (pdf) (ps.gz)
Report of the technical review committee on CKM.
3. Anwsers to PAC questions (pdf) (ps.gz)
Answer's to PAC and technical review committee's questions
4. Recommendations from the June 16-21, 2001 PAC Meeting
Fermilab PAC report recommending approval for CKM
5. CKM 10 page Facility Description (ps.gz) (pdf)
Description of CKM Facility submitted to Facilities Review Committee Feb 7,2003
6. Temple Review Report (pdf)
Report of the CKM Diretor's Review of February 24-25,2003
7. CKM DOE Presentation (pdf)
Bob Tschirhart Presentation to the Fermilab DOE review  March 19,2003
8. P5 Questions for CKM
P5 Questions and answers for CKM
9. Possible Main Injector Operating Modes
Main Injector operating modes and proton economics issues for CKM
10. CKM Physics (ppt) (pdf)
Bob Tschirhart's Physics Presentation to P5, March 26,2003
11. CKM Experiment (ppt) (pdf)
Peter Cooper's Experiment Presentation to P5, March 26,2003

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