Fermilab E949 LogBook

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Date Who Reference
12-Jan-2002 Peter, Sasha Chasing RS TDC hangs and errors
30-Nov-2001 Bob T Update on RS TDC debugging
20-Sep-2001 Sasha Level 1.1 hungs and RS TDC
10-Sep-2001 Sasha RS TDC calibration based on kmu21 trigger
3-Sep-2001 Sasha Twalk correction based on cosmic trigger
28-Aug-2001 Erik Repair of non-working TDC
17-Aug-2001 Bob E949 status, CKM photon veto, Trigger installation
31-Jul-2001 Peter Sasha Chasing bad RS TDC channels
06-Jun-2001 Peter Update of RS TDC CAMAC operations
06-Jun-2001 Bob RS TDC fixes, Installation of L1.1 trigger
27-May-2001 Sasha Study of RS TDC using pulser trigger
16-May-2001 Sasha Study of RS TDC kmu2 and kbeam data
13-Apr-2001 Peter Installation of event number
Comment on request of extra 400 channels
Power usage in TDC crates
12-Mar-2001 Erik, Bob, Sasha Installation of TDC
Naming and readout organization
Things to finish
14-Dec-2001 Peter, Bob Begin LogBook
Status of the system
Trigger/Busy logic
Pulser test system design
Camac software status

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