Setting up UPS on Linux box from scratch

This note is intended for system administrator who wants to install UPS on his new wonderful Linux box.

Fermilab Computing Division is famous for developing of the so called UPS product. It allows users to issue commands like:

$ setup cern 
$ setup geant 

It also gives system administrators a serious headache, because UPS is organized on different principals and is intended to solve different problems than packaging systems of major Linux distributions.

If you have AFS installed you can try to use UPS directly from Fermilab. You probably will end up setting up your local copy anyway, but it is good place to start, just to see that whole project is not completely hopeless. Assuming that you have bash :

kushnir@sphinx04:~$ . /afs/
kushnir@sphinx04:~$ setup cern
kushnir@sphinx04:~$ which paw

Following are steps to install your local UPS setup. They are based on steps described here There is a bunch of automated scripts - but they did not work for me, and I seriously dislike automated procedures.

Sasha Kushnirenko
Last modified: Wed Nov 27 22:02:07 MSK 2002