JoAnne Hewett's UDØ Talks.

Hunting for Extended Gauge Sectors: How, Where, and Why.

Thursday, November 16, 1995.

In this talk, the motivation for extended gauge sectors will be summarized and the diverse types of models that may exist will be reviewed. I will then discuss the various production mechanisms and signatures for these extended gauge sectors at hadron colliders, emphasizing both the differences and similarities between the different models. The numerous techniques available to discern the fermionic couplings and determine the model of origin of new gauge particles if they are discovered will be described. Finally, I will contrast and compare the search methodology and discovery and model identification abilities of hadron, ep, and e^+e^- colliders.

This lecture is available in DØ Note 27??.

You can get an example of JoAnne's work by looking up in the SLAC Preprint database: Click!