UTeV Past Speakers

This is a list of the talks given in the past at Tevatron University.

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Session IX

Date Speaker Title

Session VIII

Schedule 2003)
Date Speaker Title
December 04 2003 Jason Key Molecular Movies
November 20 2003 Pushpa Bhat Advanced Multivariate Methods for your Data Analysis
September 25 2003 Mike Whitherell The Future of Fermilab and of US High Energy Physics
June 5 2003 Mike Martens Update on the Tevatron
April 24 2003 Bonnie Fleming MiniBooNE
April 10 2003 Stephan Meyers Why and How of WMAP
March 20 2003 Sean Carrol Introduction to General Relativity
March 06 2003 Stephen Mrenna

Session VII

Schedule 2002)
Date Speaker Title
December 19 2002 Bill Foster Amateur's Guide to the Prehistory and Archaeology of Fermilab's Machines. (video)
November 21 2002 Gabriele Chiodini BTeV: A new heavy flavor experiment at the Tevatron. (ppt)
September 12 2002 Csaba Balasz Extra Dimensions 101
August 29 2002 Joey Huston QCD backgrounds to New Physics (PDF)
August 15 2002 Eric Prebys The Accelerators of Fermilab (HTML) - (PostScript)
May 23 2002 Sergio Novaes The D0 Forward Proton Detector
May 9 2002 Andre de Gouveau Understanding Neutrino Oscillations
April 11 2002 Debbie Harris From Here to a Neutrino Factory: Neutrino Oscillations Now and Again

Intro, history of the neutrino, a few conventional beam slides, conclusions, Solar neutrino anomaly slides, Superbeam slides,Neutrino factory slides.
April 4 2002 Franco Bedeschi CDF status and prospects for B physics
March 28 2002 John Womersley D0 status and prospects for Higgs physics
February 28 2002 Ulrich Nierste A B-Movie
February 14 2002 Tilman Plehn NLO SUSY Searches at the Tevatron

Session VI

Date Speaker Title
November 08 2001 John Parsons Physics Prospects at the LHC
October 25 2001 Mike Marchtens Tutorial on Luminosity in the Tevatron
September 27 2001 Sean Carrol Dark Energy and the Preposterous Universe
August 16 2001 David Rainwater In Search of...The Higgs Boson or "Is This What We Ordered?"
June 07 2001 Emanuela Barzi Superconductor R&D at Fermilab for Future Accelerators
May 24 2001 John Beacom SuperNovembera Neutrinos: Detection and Interpretation
May 10 2001 Greg Landsberg Out-of-this-World Physics: Probing Quantum Gravity in the Lab
April 12 2001 Gino Bolla Evolution of Silicon Microstrips at CDF (pdf)
March 29 2001 Bruce Knuteson Sleuthing for New Physics (pdf)
March 15 2001 Ikaros Bigi N/A
March 1 2001 Giorgio Bellettini N/A
February 15 2001 Luciano Ristori The Silicon Vertex Trigger at CDF (pdf)
February 1 2001 Chris Quigg The future of particle physics (pdf)
July 18 2001 Tim Tait Why doesn't the word fall apart - EW symmetry breaking issues (ps)
December 7, 2000 JoAnn Hewitt Extra dimensions
November 9 2000 Scott Willenbrock N/A
October 26 2000 Cecilia Gerber W and Z Production at the TeVatron (pdf)
June 08 2000 Bogdan Dobrescu The Standard Model from Extra Dimensions (gzipped ps)
March 02 2000 Norman Graf Pattern Recognition (pps)
January27 2000 Muzaffer Atac Silicon-Vertex Tracker of CMS at LHC
December 16 1999 John Womersley QCD (gzipped ps)
December 02 1999 Robert Kehoe Gamma-ray bursts
November 18 1999 Jianming Qian SuperSymmetry (gzipped ps)
November 11 1999 Greg Anderson Naturalness
September 23 1999 Gustaaf Brooijman Neutrino physics (gzipped pdf)
July 22 1999 Peter Limon Future Colliders
June 24 1999 Konrad Kleinknecht CP-violation
June 03 1999 Harry Cheung Charm, the Forgotten Quark (gzipped pdf)
May 17 1999 Raymond Stefanski The MiniBoone Experiment

Session V

Date Speaker Title
March 25 1999 Walter Giele QCD Prospects for Run II
March 11 1999 Scott Dodelson Sloan Digital Sky Survey
February 25 1999 Roger Dixon The Search for Dark Matter
February 11 1999 Isard Dunietz Heavy baryon production and Decemberay
January 14 1999 Chris Hill The Origin of Mass
November 12 1998 Tom Ferbel SU(2) via Adair and Shmushkevitch
October 29 1998 John Womersley Technicolor, Topcolor and all That
October 1 1998 Jack Steinberger Earlier Days in High Energy Physics
September 24 1998 Stephen Parke Neutrinos for breakfast
September 17 1998 William Wester Search for antiproton Decemberay with APEX (E868) at Fermilab
August 20 1998 Sudhindra Mani ASIC's in HEP: part II
August 13 1998 Paul Derwent Stochastic Cooling in the Pbar Source (pdf file)
August 06 1998 Sudhindra Mani ASIC's in HEP: VLSI Basics and Applications
July 23 1998 Fred Olness Dimensional  Regularization meets Freshman E&M (pdf file)
July 16 1998 Gene Engels Boltzmann -- He's The Man!
July 09 1998 John Peoples Jr. The Future of Fermilab
June 25 1998 Steve Eichblatt Dark Matter, A particle physics experiment without an accelerator
June 18 1998 Alvin Tollestrup Muon Colliders
June 04 1998 Joel Butler BTeV: A dedicated B-Physics experiment at the Tevatron
May 21 1998 Rik Field Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms as Tools in Particle Physics (pdf file)
May 07 1998 Glen Crawford Physics with a Linear Collider
April 23 1998 Liz Simmons Non-Standard Strong Interactions: Theory and Practice (pdf file)
April 9 1998 Rocky Kolb Quantum Fluctuations in the Primordial Soup
March 26 1998 David Anderson The Physics of Flight (pdf file)
March 12 1998 Bill Foster The Superconducting CheaperCollider
February 26 1998 Judith Jackson Why Plain Physics English is More Important than Ever
February 12 1998 Chris Quigg Mesons with Beauty and Charm

Session IV

Date Speaker Title
January 22 1998 James Whitmore Diffraction and PDF's
December 18 1997 Ilya Ginzburg Search for Dirac Monopole and 4th of QCD Generation at the Tevatron
September 25 1997 John Womersley Search for New Physics at Jerusalem
September 18 1997 Victor Kim Jet Production in the High Energy Limit of QCD
August 14 1997 Marchy Anne Cummings The Cosmic Ray - Particle Physics Connection
July 17 1997 James Sterling Hot topics in Modern Perturbative QCD Phenomenology
June 18 1997 Mike Seymour The Physics and Techniques of Monte Carlo Event Generators
April 3 1997 Dieter Zeppenfeld Gluon Radiation Patterns in Hard Scattering Events
March 13 1997 Kevin McFarland Building a Neutrino Beam
March 6 1997 Linda Spentzouris Introduction to Accelerator Physics II
February 20 1997 Saul Youssef Quantum Mechanics as an Exotic Probability Theory
February 13 1997 Dmitri Denisov A HREF="talk-slides/dd_ud0.ps">Next Generation of Hadron Colliders (ps file)
January 30 1997 Jim Christenson The DØ Upgrade
December 12 1996 John Womersley The Future of HEP
December 5 1996 Harry Weerts Mini School on QCD -Lecture II
November 13 1996 Marchtin Perl Reflections on Experimental Science
October 24 1996 Pushpa Bhat Multi-Variate Analysis
October 10 1996 Harry Weert Mini School on QCD -Lecture I
September 26 1996 James Bjorken Physics of Rapidity Gaps

Session III

Date Speaker Title
June 12 1996 Ken Lane TechniColor
May 9 1996 Ken Johns B Physics II
March 21 1996 Marchj Corcoran KTeV: Physics Prospects and Current Status
March 14 1996 Doug Duncan HST: Some Surprises Concerning the Origin of the Light Elements
March 7 1996 John Womersley LHC
February 29 1996 Ken Johns B Physics I
February 15 1996 Michael Jones Nuclear Testing

Session II

Date Speaker Title
November 16 1995 JoAnne Hewett Hunting for Extended GAuguste Sectors: How, Where, and Why
November 9 1995 Jorge Morfin Neutrino Oscillations II
November 2 1995 Al Mueller Hard Scattering and Small x Behavior
October 19 1995 John Womersley Geant at DØ
October 12 1995 Harrison Prosper Bayesian Statistics (DØ Note 2765)
October 5 1995 Harrison Prosper Orthodox Statistics (DØ Note 2753)
September 28 1995 Jorge Morfin Neutrino Oscillations (DØ Note 2755)
September 14 1995 Heidi Schellman Pitfalls of Paw - 10 ways to get your errors wrong (DØ Note 2742)
August 17 1995 Frank Paige Event Generators and Perturbation Theory (DØ Note 2741)
June 14 1995 Gordan Kane Why we believe in Supersymmetry
February 16 1995 N. Graf Tracking systems
February 9 1995 H. Prosper Statistical Analysis
February 4 1995 S. Wimpenny A visit to the CERN zoo

Session I

Date Speaker Title
December 8 1994 D. Wood Muons
December 1 1994 M. Johnson A tour of the data acquisition
November 17 1994 John Womersley Calorimetry
November 10 1994 Rocky Kolb Astrophysics in the next millenium
October 27 1994 Uli Baur QCD corrections in Wgamma and WZ production at Hadron Colliders
October 20 1994 Erwin Mirkes Angular Distributions of leptons in W Decemberays and Z + 4 jet production
October 13 1994 Bjorken QCD Multijets
September 29 1994 Herman Haggerty Random Airplane Stuff
August 31 1994 Paul Grannis Quark/Gluon jets
August 18 1994 Eric Laenen Top cross sections
August 11 1994 Gene Fisk SumMarchy from Glasgow
July 28 1994 Nigel Glover Two jet production at Tevatron
July 21 1994 CP Yuan Physics of W boson at Tevatron
July 14 1994 Ian Hinchliffe Semi Hard QCD
June 13 1994 Bill Halperin Ultralow temperatures: excited bound pair states in superfluid 3He at 10^-7 eV
May 26 1994 Heidi Schellman (NU) PDFs from Muon/Neutrino Scattering
May 19 1994 Gina Rameika (Fermi) Overview of Fermi Fixed taget prog
May 12 1994 Milciades Contreras (U. Chicago) TOP at CDF (D0 Note 2143)
May 5 1994 Leon Lederman Ecstasy and Agony of HEP