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What is Playgroup?

The NALWO Playgroup organizes parties and special events several times throughout the year for Fermilab families. All Fermilab families - employees and users - are welcome to attend. To learn about upcoming events or family-friendly fun in the Fermilab area, join our email list.

If you have questions, please contact Michaela Zalesakova at 630-853-5728 or firomichala@hotmail.com

Playgroup Calendar

Subject to change. Updates will be posted here and to the e-mail list when they become available.


Regular and occasional participants are encouraged to join our e-mail list to receive updates, ask questions or otherwise participate in planning events and craft nights.

You may also contact the Playgroup officers at nalwo_playgroup_officers@listserv.fnal.gov:

  • Michaela Zalesakova
  • Gabriella Lima
  • John Diamond
  • Evelyn Aponte