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GSA Survey 2000

Student Status

Experiment or reserch type:
Health Issues
Do you have health insurance?
Do you know what to do in case of an accident?
Do you pay for your health insurance?
(Answer next 2 questions if your insurance is not local)
Would you prefer local health insurance?
Have you refrained from getting treatment because it would mean returning to your home institution?

Work Issues
How long have you been a graduate student?
For how many years total do you expect to be a graduate student?
Are you located at Fermilab?
(Answer the next 2 questions if you are a collider student.)
Are you working on:
upgrade hardware
Upgrade Software
Thesis RunI
Thesis RunII
How much time are you dedicating to the upgrade?
(Answer the next questions if you are a fixed target student.)
How much time do you dedicate to your analysis topic?
How much time to other software or hardware topic?
Is your thesis data coming from:
Previous run
Expected from main injector era

Please include any comments in the area below

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