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FNALGRAD is the electronic mail distribution list used by the Graduate Student Association to communicate with its members and with all those who are interested in receiving information pertaining to the graduate student community. The list has been archived since March 2002.

The list is moderatored by the GSA officers. Please send mail to gsa_officers@fnal.gov regarding questions about the mailing list.

Basic LISTSERV commands

Subscribe To subscribe to FNALGRAD, send a mail message to one of the moderator(s) listed above, giving your preferred e-mail address.

Or you can send a mail message to listserv@fnal.gov with the message body:

     subscribe fnalgrad your_first_name your_last_name

Unsubscribe To unsubscribe from FNALGRAD, send a mail message (leaving the subject line blank) to listserv@fnal.gov. The body of your message should contain the following one line:

     unsubscribe fnalgrad

You may also send mail to the moderator(s) asking to be removed from the list.

Posting To send mail to all the members of the list, send mail to fnalgrad@fnal.gov. This portion of the listserv unmoderated.

Advanced commands for the Fermilab LISTSERV are documented at http://listserv.fnal.gov/users.html

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