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GSA Classes

Computing Classes at Fermilab
Fermilab's Training and Development Department offers computer training classes. See schedule.

Computing Class Subsidies
Funding has been provided by URA (University Research Association) to assist graduate students from member institutions in computer training. One must be from one of the URA member institutions to receive this assistance. It is currently unclear what the new requirements under Fermi Research Alliance are, but the the program itself is still intact.
A more detailed description of what classes are covered to what degree for whom can be found on the the training subsidy page.

Ideas and feedback
A good resource to find more information on schools is the listing provided by the High Energy Physics Information Center (HEPIC) at Fermilab.

If you have any ideas on lecture series or other activities that concern Graduate Students at Fermilab contact the GSA officers and provide us with feedback.

Past GSA Classes
a short list of the classes that have been organized by the GSA in the last few years:
Car Maintenance Class
 George Davidson (Fermilab Transportation Services Manager) will be speaking about what to look for when buying a car and how to go about basic car maintenance.
2002 Linear Collider Physics for High Energy Physics Graduate students.
In March 2002 the GSA organized a lecture series on Linear Collider Physics for High Energy Physics Graduate students.
Speakers transparencies and streaming video can be obtained from the lecture series website.
2001 Introduction to the Standard Model
at Rochester, via video conferencing
spring 2001
2000 Physics on the Frontier and in the future
Summer 2000
lecture notes

Accelerators: Theory and Applications
10 lectures, weekly from July, 2000

Mathematical Physics course
with Saul Youssef, January, 2000
1999 A list of classes from 1999
1998 Summer and Fall Classes

Accelerator Physics Classes
1997 Particle Physics Classes

C++ Class with Paul Kunz
May 13-17, 1997
1996 Particle Physics Summer School
July 22 thru August 2, 1996

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