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Introduction to the Standard Model by Lynne Orr - Particle Physics

Courses Video Conferenced between Rochester and Fermilab in Spring 01.

Particle Physics II: Spring 01 - Professor Lynne Orr starts Tuesday

Particle Physics I : Fall 00 and Fall 01 - Professor Ed Thorndike

B. Particle Physics II: Spring 01

The University of Rochester will start videoconferencing the second semester of its particle physics course starting Tuesday, January 23, 2001. The course will be held on Tuesdays from 11:30 - 2:30 PM (CDT) in the WH12W conference room. Anyone is interested in attending the class is welcome. No registration is required (it is requested that Rochester students send e-mail to Barbara Warren). The University of Rochester can also offer audit/credit for other students taking this course. If interested, contact Barbara Warren (barb@pas.rochester.edu).

Outline of P582, Spring 2001 (CRN - 61704) Prof. Lynne Orr, Univ. of Rochester orr@pas.rochester.edu

SUMMARY: An introduction to the Standard Model of Particle Physics. We will discuss the electromagnetic, weak, and strong interactions, and how they fit together in the SM. Also, the meaning of the fact that SU(3) X SU(2) X U(1) describes those interactions, and that the electroweak force breaks down to U(1) of electromagnetism, and what that this has to do with the Higgs boson. We will also describe how this fits in with past, present, and future experiments.


1. Introduction and Overview

-The Standard Model and its limitations

-Anatomy of a cross section

-Current and future HEP experiments

2. Electromagnetic Interactions

-Review of relativistic kinematics

-Gauge invariance in classical E\&M and nonrelativistic QM

-Quick review of Klein-Gordon and Dirac equations

-Dirac Lagrangian and Feynman rules for QED

-Cross section for e+e- -> mu+mu-

3. Weak Interactions and Electroweak Theory

-GIM mechanism, CKM matrix, and CP violation

-SU(2) X U(1)

-Physics at the Z

-Electroweak symmetry breaking

-Physics of the Higgs Boson

-EWSB beyond the SM

-Neutrino physics

4. QCD and the Parton Model

-Deep inelastic scattering and structure functions

-Hadron-hadron collisions

-Renormalization and asymptotic freedom

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