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Mathematical Physics Course


Announcement sent by Saul. December, 2nd.
Greetings, I'll be offering a mathematical physics course starting around January 15,2000 and lasting for about two months.

Topics: Category Theory, Group Theory, Vector Spaces, Tensor Algebra, Associative and Lie Algebras, Topological Space, Measure Space and Integration, Distributions, Manifolds, Differential forms and Stokes' theorem, Fiber Bundles, Lie Groups, Maxwell's equations, Gauge Theories, Gravity.

Main text: "Mathematical Physics" by Robert Geroch.

Location: Somewhere at Fermilab, TBA.

Meeting times: The course will have two lectures per week plus a problem session.

The meeting times are TBA but probably 6:00 p.m. for about 40 minutes.

The idea of the course is to cover both familiar and less familiar topics unified and made easier by the most modern mathematical perspective. The course should be suitable for students or anyone wishing to modernize their mathematical knowledge. The prerequisites are minimal. How far we get through the topics will depend upon the audience, but, in any case, the level of the course will be rigorous. Attendance will be limited. If you are interested, send an email to gsa_officers@fnal.gov.

Saul Youssef

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