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GSA Accelerator Class

Accelerators: Theory and Applications
starts July 20th (~10 weeks)
Thursdays 5-6:30 pm
Piano Room, Users' Center
taught by Professors Frederick Mills and Deborah Errede
see http://web.hep.uiuc.edu/home/derrede/498acc/

As the quest to do particle physics at higher and higher energy scales progresses, it is becoming clear that the limiting factor is the ability of accelerator technologies to keep pace with the physics demands of the experiments. It is necessary that more physicists become involved in developing cost-effective ways to reach these higher beam energies and luminosities in order to actualize these experimental dreams of muon colliders, NLCs, and VLHCs.

Come join the GSA organized Accelerator 2000 class on Thursdays at 5pm in the Users' Center and learn how we get beam.

This class was taught at University of Illinois in summer 1999. Here is a description of the course from the above web site :

"This course introduces the basic concepts in accelerator theory and practice. After a brief review of classical mechanics, the following topics are developed; longitudinal and transverse motion of particles in linear and nonlinear fields in linear and circular accelerators; effects of synchrotron radiation on particle motion; collective motion of particle beams. Applications in Particle, Nuclear, Surface, and Condensed Matter Physics, Chemistry and Biology will be discussed. Since accelerators are important resources for these fields, their understanding will enable curious scientists better to understand the requirements of their apparatus and to contribute to the direction of the future of their field."

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