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FALL 99 Cosmo-Class

The University of Rochester will be videoconferncing a graduate course in particle astrophysics starting Tuesday (September 7,1999). The course will be held on Tuesdays from 11:30 - 2:30 PM (CDT) in the WH12W conference room. Anyone who is interested in attending the class is welcome. No official registration is required (However, it is requested that all students send e-mail to Barbara Warren (barb@pas.rochester.edu) and Adrian Melissinos (meliss@pas.rochester.edu).

The University of Rochester can also offer official audit credit to students from other universities this course; if you are interested you should contact Barbara Warren (barb@pas.rochester.edu, and for official audit, the fee is $72 per credit hour).

The University of Rochester has been offering Particle Physics I and II (P581 and P582 via the video link to FNAL every second year starting in the Fall of even years (Fall 1996,Fall 1998,Fall 2000 etc). In odd years (e.g. F 1999,F 2001 etc) we offer special topics courses. Note that we will be offering P581 (Prof. Thorndike) in Fall 2000, and P582 (Prof.Orr) in Spring 2001.

Outline of P583/AST583, Fall, 1999 CRN 84925 4.0 credits
Prof. Adrian Melissinos, Univ of Rochester

At WH12W conference room every TUES. ( starting 9/7/99 Fall Semester) from 11:30-2:30 CDT (at Rochester in Video Conf room B207A 12:30-3:30 EDT). The room is reserved till 3:00 CDT to allow for additional questions if needed.

The Fall 99 course will address the following topics


The Nuclear Cascade in the Atmosphere; Transport of Cosmic Rays in the Galaxy; The Origin of the Cosmic Rays and their Acceleration; Detection of Very High Energy Cosmic Rays; Point Sources of High Energy $\gamma$-rays; Processes Related to Very High Energy $\gamma$'s and Charged Particles; Properties and Interactions of Neutrinos; Neutrino Detection; Neutrino Oscillations; Solar Neutrinos; Supernovae; Neutrinos from SN1987A.


The Expanding Universe; A Thermal History of the Universe; The Early Universe; Cosmic Background Radiation (CBR); Anisotropy of the CBR; Primordial Nucleosynthesis; Dark Matter; Axions as Dark Matter; Search for MACHO's through Gravitational Microlensing; Inflation; Baryon Asymmetry Problems on current issues will be assigned and discussed.

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