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Classes and Training

Summer Classes
Summer '99 School
This summer's class will be in Accelerator.

Summer '98 School
A complete description of this summer's class, "An Incomplete Education in Accelerator Technology" is available at http://www.fnal.gov/orgs/gsa/classes/1998/accell_class.html.

Other Information
Fall '99 Class
Information about the upcoming Astrophysics and Cosmology Class

Information about the US Particle Accelerator School

Computing Classes

  • FNAL Computing Division's schedule of upcoming Computing Classes
  • Video tapes of some of the computing classes are available in the Fermilab Library. In particular, the C++ class run by Paul Kunz is available for viewing in the library or may be borrowed.

Computing Class Subsidies
Funding has been provided by URA (University Research Associates) to assist graduate students from member institutions in computer training. One must be from one of the URA member institutions to receive this assistance.

But who exactly are these shadowy Research Associate figures? A little investigative sleuthing has revealed mixed evidence, and the URA remains cloaked in mystery. Is it possible that they are all Japanese adolescents, as is suggested by www.ura.com? Or perhaps some secretive northern european syndicate, as one might deduce from the cryptic writings at www.ura.net?

A more detailed description of what classes are covered to what degree for whom can be found on the Fermilab training page. Specific questions can be addressed to either Leslie Groer (groer@fnal.gov) or Roy Thatcher (thatcher@fnal.gov).

It can be shown that graduate students are simply untrainable.

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